In Dreams






My idea is a simple one. Dream covers. It is fantasy. It is escapism. What’s the point? Well, I’ve some time to kill and I love this sort of shit. Besides, as I said before, you really can hear it in your head.

I’d like you to think about this, to think of your own dream covers. This is subjective. This is discussion. Imagine you’ve carte blanche of any artist recording any song of your choice. I’ve opted for ‘recording’ rather than ‘performing’ to differentiate this from Radio 1’s Live Lounge, which, let’s face it, collates to a pretty naff collection of music. Of course we don’t actually get to decide who goes on the Live Lounge, or to have any say in what songs they choose to play. But now you do. In your head. Sort of.

The rules are simple. Your chosen recording artist MUST BE ALIVE. I will, however, allow disbanded groups, as reunions are now the verve (no pun intended).

My ‘on this one particular day’ top five dream covers are:

1. The Strokes – Wired for Sound (Cliff Richard) as mentioned in the previous post.

2. Grizzly Bear – In the Closet (Michael Jackson)

With a slower tempo to Jacko, and performed in a similar style to the Grizzly’s Knife, this imaginary song in my head is just precious. I’d have Ed Droste on lead vocal, slowly building to the highly charged falsetto of “there’s something about you baby, that makes me want to give it to you.”  And I can imagine Daniel Rossen singing the backing vocal so clearly, it seems so real; “she’s wants to give it, ah, she wants to give it” This song needs to happen.

3. LCD Soundsystem – Bangers + Mash (Radiohead)

Radiohead are my favourite band. This will not change. I can appreciate that many people regard them as self-indulgent whiny babies, but to me, they’re just perfect. I’ve spent so much time listening to Radiohead over the years that no one else comes close. It’s hard for me to describe the appeal, and I don’t want to analyse it here. I’d just like to say that it’s nice to hear them let their hair down once in a while and Bangers and Mash is just that. It’s loose, scuzzy, and dare I say it? Post-punk. James Murphy would have a field day with this tune.

4. LCD Soundsystem – Emotional Rescue (The Rolling Stones)

Unlike The Beatles, the Stones haven’t always been that familiar to me. Sure I knew the hits, but it’s only been during the last 5 years or so that my love for them has really taken off. Miss You is a bolt of lightning. It’s immaculate. Emotional Rescue however is just batshit crazy. Who does Mick Jagger think he is? He’s no Prince, but he’s got the right idea. Once again, James Murphy, with Emotional Rescue to play with? A match made in heaven.

5. (?)  bah, I give up!

And there we almost have it. Of course I’m very disappointed that my all time top five only got as far as LCD Soundsystem. And that I’ve only actually thought of four potential songs. But the curse of the mp3 player has struck again. I have more or less every song that I own at the touch of a button in my pocket. I have inevitably deviated.

I’m now thinking for more songs for the now defunct LCD Soundsystem to cover. (A waste of time yes, but I can hear it in my head, and it sounds so very good…so I’m gonna do it anyway.)

So who else would LCD Soundsystem cover? Of course, David Bowie!

To be continued…


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