Under Cover of Darkness

All this talk of Cliff has got me thinking of The Cars. I can hear The Cars all over Wired for Sound. The tone, the hooks, its unabashed fun. But such is the fleeting nature of iPod listening that my mind has already wandered from Cliff and The Cars and I’m now onto The Strokes. And I don’t mean that I’m gonna listen to ’em. I mean I am on to them!

As far as I can tell, the largely disappointing Angles was one big love letter to Cliff’s fling with New Wave power pop. Julian and co. would kill their mothers to have come up with something as catchy. And I can’t help thinking that they should’ve just done themselves the favour and just covered the fucking thing. And then that gets me thinking some more…of cover versions.

I am not against covers. The Beatles take on Twist and Shout is the take on Twist and Shout. The Clash’s Police and Thieves, or The Specials’ Message to Rudy…the list is…long. And the version of Wired for Sound that The Strokes do in my head is second to none.

Be warned. My mind is racing.

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