Fantastic Voyage






I’m sorry to harp on about cover versions but I’ve been sifting through my Bowie and I’ve come to Broken Glass from Low. A song so demanding of a White Stripes cover version that I just couldn’t get it out of my head.

Now then, should I add this peachy vision to my top five dream covers, or shall I step it up a gear and go the whole hog? I choose the hog. Bowie appreciation. Choosing artists I love to cover Bowie songs I love. Indeed. I’ve pondered long and hard, I’ve waved my magic wand, and thus we have it:

Fantastic Voyage. A Basildon Mott selection. Enjoy!

NB: These songs only exist in my head.

1. Arcade Fire – Fantastic Voyage

2. Grizzly Bear – Soul Love

3. The White Stripes – Breaking Glass

4. The Flaming Lips – Moonage Daydream

5. Arctic Monkeys – The Width of a Circle

6. Rihanna – Fame (Seriously!)

7. LCD Soundsystem – Time

8. Friendly Fires – Fashion

9. Deerhunter – Changes

10. Air – Boys Keep Swinging

11. Fleet Foxes – Quicksand

12. Sigur Ros – Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)

13. Radiohead ft. Guy Garvey – Under Pressure

Okay, so the only downside to all this is that it’s NOT ACTUALLY REAL! But it still makes for a damn good Bowie LP, regardless of any of my perversions. Clickity click on the link below for The Thin White Duke’s originals;

Fantastic Voyage on @Spotify

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