Vinyl on Vine

imageEarlier this year, during one of our numerous drizzly British summer days, I found myself wasting time (as I quite often do) pratting about on my phone, refreshing the likes of Twitter and Facebook instead of doing something more worthwhile. It was around this time that I had discovered the Vine app via the delightful Twitter account of Grizzly Bear singer Ed Droste. Vine (if you’re not American or are over 21) is an app that let’s you make a 6 second video that’ll play (for reasons unknown to me) on a continuous loop. Yes, it’s as silly as that.

I had already downloaded the app to peruse the content uploaded by Ed Droste, but it was on this particularly unproductive day in question that I was inspired to have some fun with Vine for myself.

Floating high after a good Pop Master session on Radio 2, I heard an advert that edited a bunch of songs together in an attempt to plug some BBC concert or other, and it led me to this…I thought I can do something like this on Vine! Albeit in 6 second chunks. And here we have it, a selection of vinyl ‘cuts’ I originally thought could be turned into a guessing game, but as no one actually saw them just turned out to be something I enjoyed making.

I haven’t made any since but still quite like what I’d started. Thanks for reading! Kisses.

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